In the RNN package in R, there is an example to use RNN to train summation of two numbers.

I tried to look up in Google, but did not find a good resource to explain how can we use RNN to train this kind of task.

Could you give me some references for this task.

The input of the task is:

X1 X2 Y (with Y = X1 + X2)

You give X1, X2 and Y to RNN, and it can learn how to predict Y.


I based this problem on this video by Geoffrey Hinton:

A toy example of training an RNN

Basically, in order to do binary addition in bit-by-by steps, in order to learn how to carry a 1, a feed-forward neural network needs roughly 10 neurons.

A recurrent neural network can do this using only 3 neurons.

That is what this example demonstrates.


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