I have a study where subjects have received treatment to one eye, the other eye is untreated and is acting as a control. There are 3 measures (of retinal thickness) taken in each eye.

The model I am using is:

fit <- lmer(Thickness~tx + Region + (1|ID) + (1|ID:Eye), data)

Where tx is treated / untreated and Region is the repeated measure.

I need a sentence to describe this for publication!

My current attempt looks like this:

Changes of retinal thickness between treated and untreated eyes was examined using a linear mixed effects model[6]. Each subject was considered to have an independent intercept and the three regions within each eye were treated as repeated measures.

Is this correct, could it be better?

  • $\begingroup$ What does Eye mean ? right or left ? $\endgroup$ – cuttlefish44 Jun 18 '16 at 4:13

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