I'm trying to run a multi-level logistic regression using survey weights on my observations using PROC GLIMMIX. However, I only have weights for those individuals that completed the survey, and no weights on those that did not do the survey. My binary response variable is 1=completed survey, versus 0=did not complete survey. Does such an analysis make sense, i.e. is it possible?



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Weights are used when you want to generalize to the underlying population. The analysis of response/nonresponse process is basically an analysis of how well your particular protocol worked. As such, you are analyzing your existing full sample of respondents and nonrespondents, and you are not trying to generalize. So you don't need weights, and can/should run this as an i.i.d. regression.

I talked a little bit about this in http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/9781118594629.ch29/summary.


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