I am trying to get from Equation (4) to (5) in Model selection through sparse maximum likelihood estimation for multivariate gaussian or binary data by Banerjee et. al [http://www.jmlr.org/papers/volume9/banerjee08a/banerjee08a.pdf][1]. The problem to derive the dual of the following problem: $$ \text{argmin}_{y} \{y'Wy: ||y-S_j||_{\infty} \leq \lambda \} $$ which turns out to be $$ \text{min}_{x} \{x'Wx -S_j'x + \lambda ||x||_{1}\} $$ How does one do this?


I've typed up a proof for you on Google Drive.

I have an extra leading constant. However, that doesn't change the nature of the result. If we start off the original optimization problem with a leading constant of (1/4) we get the same result as the paper.

I'll write the part about Strong Duality if I get a chance, but I think it should be approached using Slater's condition.

Update #1:

In the linked PDF file, I use the standard process for formulating the dual problem:

  1. Construct the Lagrangian
  2. Minimize the Lagrangian with respect to the original variable to arrive at the dual problem

The key insight is to reparametrize the dual problem so constructed using a single variable $$x$$ which lets us arrive at the dual problem suggested in the paper.

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