I have a correlated normal data

y <- -1 + 3*x1- 2*x2 + e

where, e is generated from multivariate normal distribution and thus correlated.

To get a correlated binary data I followed these steps

  1. scale to get a marginally standard Normal distribution.
  2. transform by their cumulative distribution function to get a uniform distribution
  3. use the inverse transform method to get binomial responses.

    st.y <- (y-mean(y))/sd(y)
    erfc <- function(x) 2 * pnorm(x * sqrt(2), lower = FALSE) #complementary error fuction
    u <- .5*erfc(-st.y/sqrt(2))
    z <- ifelse(u<=.5, 0,1)

But if I fit gee from this data the pre-specified parameter of intercept and slope is changed. Because in glm, logit(z) = $\beta_0$ + $\beta_1$x1 + $\beta_2$x2.

How can I get a correlated binary variable satisfying logit(z) = -1+3x1-2x2?


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