There are multiple interpretations of area under ROC curve. (e.g What does AUC stand for and what is it? ). We also know that AUC is closely related to rank correlation. Are there also different ways how to visualize it?

I am not thinking about the whole curve, but about AUC as a measure. Maybe some scatter plots or histograms that shows the rank correlation, or something related to proportion of pairs of samples with higher predicted probability for positive sample than negative.


AUC can be visualized with a scatter plot. Suppose the points in the plot correspond to such pairs of data points in the evaluation set that one of each pair is a negative example n and the other one is a positive example p. If the x coordinate of a point is the predicted probability of n belonging to the positive class and y coordinate is the predicted probability of p belonging to the positive class, then the proportion of data points above the diagonal equals AUC.

You can check an example in this blog post.

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