I just read the paper of Engle & Ng (1993) in which they introduced the sign bias test (positive sign bias t., negative sign bias t., joint test). I have a problem understanding what the test statistic is.
Is it $\chi^2$ with 3 DF for the joint and 1 DF for the other tests?



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P. 1759-1760 of the paper give answers to your questions.

P. 1759:

The LM test statistic is asymptotically distributed as chi-square with $m$ degrees of freedom when the null hypothesis is true, where $m$ is the number of parameter restrictions.

See equations (9a)-(9c) to find that the number of parameter restrictions is 1 for sign bias, negative sign bias and positive sign bias test.

Also, p. 1760 reads explicitly about the joint test:

In particular, the LM statistic follows a chi-square distribution with 3 degrees of freedom.

(See equation 10.)


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