I was calculating the root mean squared error for a regressive model, and while calculating, its mean squared error (MSE) came out to be less than 1 (>0), and its root (the root mean squared error, RMSE) as obvious came out to be greater than it. What does that mean?
like MSE = 0.0929285270191
and hence, RMSE = 0.894951677992

How do I see it?
Was there any problem in calculation or training of the model?
Is it that MSE is coming out very less that is not likely possible?

  • $\begingroup$ Martin Kramer in the answers is right. But what is your question, really? I cannot understand it. $\endgroup$ – Richard Hardy Jan 25 '17 at 17:56

Your calculation must be wrong somewhere.

As the name says the RMSE is the square root of the MSE, so for MSE = 0.09 the RMSE would be 0.3. Yours is approximately off by a factor of 3.

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