I'm an Industrial Engineering Major and I'm looking out for book(s) on Probability and Statistics (Combined would be preferred but separate would do as well) which :

  • I, as a self learner, can work with.
  • Is concise but covers : Statistical methods for data analysis. Descriptive plots and statistics; observational studies and experiments; confidence interval estimation; hypothesis testing; regression and correlation. in depth. I have already studied them once, I just need to review them with greater depth.

  • Cater to engineers and not statisticians. I would prefer theory and application rather than theory and rigor.

  • Would help me in my goal of studying Stochastic Models/Simulations/Financial Engineering (again, on my own).

  • Has an international edition.

  • Recommended/Not Required : Gives examples in R.

I've been through the similar question but 2 answers are ones which recommend a book which the author himself isn't happy with and the accepted answer is a website.

I've looked at Sheldon Ross, DeGroot, Rohatgi and many more but I'm still not sure if any of them give me what I want.


Here are a few recommendations that, combined, strike a balance between theory and practice (with lots of R code and example visualizations). Granted, you shall find emphasis on inference and prediction, a must in a IEOR's toolkit:

  • $\begingroup$ Those seem to be really good books but none of them have international editions and I can't afford them otherwise. Can you suggest some more? $\endgroup$ – Blah Apr 26 '12 at 6:47
  • $\begingroup$ The book by Hastie et al. is offered as a free pdf download at the book's main website. "R in Action" is available at relatively low cost as a pdf download at manning.com. I believe you can also (legally) obtain the other two as pdf's. $\endgroup$ – marcos Apr 27 '12 at 6:42

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