I need to extract the source and destination terms from the text documents using text mining/NLP/Information Retrieval ?

ex :

  1. i am travelling from New York to London.
  2. i am heading towards playground from home.
  3. i will be going to Sweden from Boston.
  4. i was flying from School to Home.

the output can be as follows :

S. No. |  source    | Destination
------ |  ----------|------------
      1| New York   | London
      2| playground | home
      3| Sweden     | Boston
      4| School     | Home

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To solve this problem, you need two things.

The first is an entity recognizer that detects terms in the text referencing locations. Since you have custom entities like "home", a standard named entity recognizer like Apache OpenNLP will most likely not be sufficient without retraining.

The second is a model that tells you which of the detected terms is the source and which the destination, e.g. isSource("home") = 0 and isDestination("home") = 1. You can try to train a classification model or a relation extraction model for this task on your own using labelled instances. But for a start I would recommend checking out MITIE, an information extraction library providing named entity recognition and binary relation extraction tools. Note that it also comes with an interactive model training tool.


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