I have speech recordings which have been assigned opinion scores (1-5). These recordings were performed by 10 speakers, 5 male and 5 female. I want to investigate the influence of both the specific speaker and the gender of the speaker. How should I model this in a univariate ANOVA (using SPSS)?

When I include the variables speaker (10 levels) and gender (2 levels), the gender variable appears to be ignored (df = 0, type III sum of squares = 0 etc). I assume this is because it contains a complete subset of information available in the speaker variable?

I have also tried modelling the speaker as (5x2) by including the variables speaker2 (5 levels) and gender (2 levels), with the assumption that I am most interested in gender x speaker2. I get results, but if this is correct, how should I report the results for each individual voice quality? Using the F-statistic, partial eta and p values for both speaker2 and gender x speaker2?



I dont think u should use ANOVA for this case, because (if i understand your experiment) you dont have repetitions (you want to studie the differences between the speakers). I think the best solution is the use a Chi-Squared test comparing the male vs female, and then for the speakers (separately)


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