I am trying to understand CP decomposition for a three way tensor. Lets have a tensor which has the dimensions I by J by K. When we apply CP decomposition, it decomposes the tensor as a sum of a rank-1 tensors.

$\sum_{r=1}^R a_r \otimes b_r \otimes c_r$

The question is each dimension is different, how do they sum up to R? Also, how to find R. Is it randomly chosen?

Thanks in advance.


Here's an old but classic overview on this problem and related ones.


To answer your exact question: $a_r$, $b_r$, and $c_r$ have lengths $I, J, K$ respectively. Thus, each rank-one tensor has the same dimensions as your data. The number $R$ is how many rank-one tensors get added together to form your approximation.

Finding the rank $R$ of the tensor is NP-hard. Finding the best rank-$R$ approximation is also often ill-posed: there may be an infinite sequence of rank $R$ tensors, each one giving a better approximation than the last. (Look for "border rank" in the reference.)


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