I really like this histogram-come-bubble chart thing. It appears to have some force/physics elements.

Does it have a name? Can anyone speculate how I might go about making one? https://pudding.cool/2017/07/comics/

The chart


This is a "beeswarm plot": the $x$ coordinate represents the percentage of female members per team, and dots are jittered around until all are visible. Note that jittering happens in both dimensions. (An actual $x$ axis would be useful.) The colors indicate whether the team is less than 50% female (gray) or more than 50% (red).

You can create this kind of plot with the beeswarm package for R. I don't have the underlying data, but here is an example with some random data:


ratios <- runif(2862)



To get something like your plot, you'd add some more text(), lines() and potentially arrows() commands.


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