I am looking for an "Introduction to Statistics" to apply to business and management. Can someone recommend a source they have used (maybe in their MBA or similar studies) that is available online (and preferably free)?

I am looking for something that is readable for technical degree, and which does not assume any significant previous exposure to theory of statistics.


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I'm not entirely sure what extent of statistics you want covered by a book in question. The community on this page will probably have plenty of book recommendations about statistics as a whole, a lot of good recommendations have been gathered in this question. One of them, 'Elements of Statistical Learning', I can personally recommend.

If you want something with focus on applications in economy, you might want to have a look at the subfield of econometrics. Since the two books that were recommended to me by my PhD supervisor about this topic are sadly both in german and one of them only available as paperback, I cannot recommend one from personal experience. If you're searching for literature on the topic, books like Introductory Econometrics will turn up that might suit your needs.


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