How do we perform cross cluster analysis in R. Most of my data has categorical variables {variable Marital Status (married, single, divorced); variable Education (tertiary, secondary, primary, etc.); and the variables Credit, Mortgage, and Loan (yes, no)}? The only interval variable in my data set is the Age.

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Possible duplicate here, here and here. Distance-based clustering algorithms can handle categorical data. So you can implement clustering from a dissimilarity matrix.

First, you have to compute all the pairwise dissimilarities (distances) between observations in the data set (with daisy()). Then, you can run your clustering algorithm (with agnes(), CrossClustering(),...).

Here is an example.

flower <- flower[, 1:6] # just to keep only categorial variables
# Dissimilarity matrix matrix
distm <- daisy(flower, metric = "gower", stand = FALSE)

# Hierarchical agglomerative clustering (HAC)
hac <- agnes(distm, diss = TRUE)

# Partial clustering algorithm with automatic estimation of the number of 
# clusters and identification of outliers
cross.clust <- CrossClustering(distm, k.w.min = 2, k.w.max = 5,
                               k.c.max = 6, out = TRUE)
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