Here is the SAS proc mixed model procedure. I wonder how I can fit the same model in R with separate within-subject variance/covariance matrices for each treatment arm.

proc mixed data=cRMData method=reml;

class time subj;

model y=time2 arm arm*time2/ddfm=kenwardroger solution;

repeated time/subject=subj type=un group=arm rcorr;


I tried this in R but it does not give me different covariance matrices

                 correlation=corSymm(form = ~ 1 | subj),

you may or may not be aware of this blog which compares SAS and R code for specific purposes. I searched the site for 'mixed' and it seems to provide the answer to your Q(?), "Example 2014.3: Allow different variances by group": http://sas-and-r.blogspot.ca/search?q=mixed

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