I'm analyzing a data set with following variables:

X: Continuous (IV)

Y: Continuous (DV)

M: Continuous (Mediator)

W: Categorical [0, 1] (Moderator)

To run moderated mediation analysis, I'm using Hayes Process macro: Model 8.

Here is the result:


enter image description here


enter image description here

As you can see in the first part, in Condition "0", the CI of indirect effect does not include zero whereas in Condition "1" it does.

However, the CI of moderated mediation index includes zero. Meaning the conditional indirect effect is not significantly different across the two conditions.

How can I make a conclusion here? Can I base my conclusion on the CIs of conditional indirect effects and say that, in condition zero there is evidence for mediation which is not supported in condition 1?


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The index value is the difference in the slopes for the indirect effect i.e. .3791-.3320. So your results are not contradictory. The fact that one indirect effect is significant and the other is not is not what matters. The index and its CI are formal tests as to whether the difference in the indirect effects is significant.

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