People talk about how neural network should learn "disentangled representation" rather than "distributed representation" so that a deep learning model is more interpretable and understandable. What are the definition of these two terms and any particular example?


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Let's say the following vectors are respectively representations for a ball: [1,0,0,0] and a car: [0,1,0,0]

In this representation a single neuron learns the meaning of a ball or a car without having to rely on other neurons. This is a disentangled representation, which is meant to facilitate the understanding of artificial neural networks.

This in contrast to distributed representations, for example, a ball: [0.1,-0.02,0.45,0.06] and a car: [-0.78,-0.1,0.83,0.01]. In this case, an object is represented by a particular location in the vector space. This type of representation is for example the outcome of the word2vec algorithms.


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