I have a problem figuring out the properties of an existing fractional factorial experiment. I basically have the following samples 1-6 and the properties A-D:

     A   B   C   D
1    1  -1   1  -1
2    1  -1  -1  -1
3   -1  -1  -1  -1
4   -1   1   1   1
5    1   1   1  -1
6    1   1  -1  -1

If you have a look at the interactions between the properties. I've read some things about fractional factorial designs and am trying to get any statistical meaning out of these 6 samples.

The underlying problem of course is, that I only have these 6 samples.


  1. Does there exist a fitting fractional factorial design to these samples? If so tell me how to determine it or point to a method maybe.

  2. I do expect this situation to be very common, so I am wondering what method one can use to analyze the effect of the 4 properties with these 6 samples?


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