I am new to the machine learning field, but I wanted to try and implement a simple classification algorithm with Keras. Unfortunately, I have a very small set of data, so I thought to try to apply transfer learning to the problem; however, I couldn't find anything on this online, so I wanted to understand which are the best places to look for a pre-trained neural network. Do you have any suggestion in this regard? Which website is best for getting an idea on how to start a machine learning project?


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Keras itself provides some of the successful image processing neural networks pretrained on the ImageNet: https://keras.io/applications/

Other deep learning libraries also offer some pretrained models, notably:

Many pretrained models for various platforms can also be found at https://www.gradientzoo.com.

Moreover, if you are interested in some particular network architecture, authors sometimes provide pretrained models themselves, e.g. ResNeXt.


Since the question title is generic (and not specific to computer vision), I will give the NLP-related answer as well, in case it helps someone who stumbles upon looking for pretrained vector embeddings:

The two most popular pre-trained vector embeddings can be found on these links:

There are also a couple of less popular and/or more recent ones:

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  • $\begingroup$ As it stands, it is a general question, so assuming there aren't others like this on the website, this may be a useful source for everyone. However, I don't think someone with the answer to the specific question you have in mind will be drawn to this just from the title. $\endgroup$ – Zhubarb Feb 6 '18 at 8:44

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