I am currently developing a classifier with online/incremental learning. I am using scikit to create the model and run partial_fit after an initial training of the model. If their is a new class, or there is no model already, I run:

clf = SGDClassifier(loss="log", penalty="l1", average=True)
clf.fit(X, Y)

and if there is only new data on classes that have already been initially trained, I run:

clf = joblib.load(output_file)  # load already trained model
clf.partial_fit(X, Y)

For both of these methods of training I then run:

joblib.dump(clf, output_file) # save model

I currently am receiving manual feedback on a classification when predicting:

clf = joblib.load(output_file) # load model

I want the model to learn from its mistakes by retraining the model with the X1 data when it got the prediction wrong. Is it sufficient to just rerun clf.partial_fit(X1, Y) with the manual classification or would it be better to perhaps give it a heavier sample weight so it really makes sure it doesn't make that mistake again? Although all X training data in the first place will be manually classified and 100% accurate.


Moderators please may you at least explain what you do not understand?


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  • $\begingroup$ What is unclear? do I give a higher sample weight to data that was previously misclassified when retraining a model? Simples :) $\endgroup$ – maxisme Mar 30 '18 at 13:46
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