While I have successfully used R for Cluster Analysis and Correspondence Analysis, I'm new to the use of R-project for Choice-Based Conjoint.

Per recommendations in this post, I'm looking at the following [R] Packages for purposes of analyzing choice-based conjoint data:

  • ChoiceModelR
  • mlogit
  • AlgDesign for constructing choice sets
  • prefmod for analysing paired comparison data
  • conf.design for constructing factorial designs

For reference purposes, I'm curious whether there is a sample R-project session showing the use of one or more of these packages to:

  • Specify attributes and attributes levels
  • Analyze choice-based conjoint data to list out respondent-level utility values
  • Simulate market share

Has anyone seen a sample R-project session of this nature? Or can someone who has created such a session post it?

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    $\begingroup$ I found a sample session for ChoiceModelR (copied below). Does anyone have a sample session for prefmod? $\endgroup$ – Vik Rubenfeld Aug 8 '12 at 16:20

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