I encounter a problem with the use of the mice function to do multiple imputation. I want to do imputation only on part of the missing data, what looking at the help seems possible and straightworward. But i can't get it to work. here is the example:

I have some missing data on x and y:

plouf <- data.frame(ID = rep(LETTERS[1:10],each = 10), x = sample(10,100,replace = T), y = sample(10,100,replace = T))
plouf[sample(100,10),c("x","y")] <- NA

I want only to impute missing data on y:

where <- data.frame(ID = rep(FALSE,100),x = rep(FALSE,100),y = is.na(plouf$y))

I do the imputation

plouf.imp <- mice(plouf, m = 1,method="pmm",maxit=5,where = where)

I look at the imputed values:

test <- complete(plouf.imp)

Here i still have NAs on y:

> sum(is.na(test$y))
[1] 10

if I use where to say to impute on all values, it works:

where <- data.frame(ID = rep(FALSE,100),x = is.na(plouf$x),y = is.na(plouf$y))
plouf.imp <- mice(plouf, m = 1,method="pmm",maxit=5,where = where)
test <- complete(plouf.imp)

> sum(is.na(test$y))
[1] 0

but it does the imputation on x too, that I don't want in this specific case (speed reason in a statistial simulation study)

Has anyone any idea ?


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