I am looking for internships in the AI for drug discovery field and I came upon a new topic, as they describe in the website of a company: automatic reasoning in a knowledge graph.

I tried to look for textbooks or even tutorials in the field of knowledge graphs but I genuinely did not find much. Could somebody suggest me any good (introductory) reference on the topic?


This set of notes provides a good overview of (some) of the work in the field of knowledge graphs and automated reasoning, including:

  • A history of ontology experiments on the web, i.e. attempts to extract structured relationships between online resources

  • A basic overview/tutorial of what knowledge graphs are and how to build them from text data

  • Slides from Google researchers about their methodology for extracting semantic relationships on a web scale (e.g. when you google a symptom, it will show you related disease information)

  • Some interesting papers on knowledge graphs and information extraction

  • More related fields and work, see the table of contents for the full list.

Hope that helps!


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