I am looking for a book that would cover a lot of different ordinations techniques (indirect gradient analysis e.g. PCA, CA, DCA, MDS, nMDS but also direct gradient analysis e.g. CCA, CCorA, RDA) with applications in ecology (with R would be better) and mostly focusing on these methods.

I think " Numerical Ecology " by Legendre & Legendre (https://www.elsevier.com/books/numerical-ecology/legendre/978-0-444-53868-0#) would be relevant but it seems to cover a very extensive number of topics. Any other idea ?


A bit late, but I think I'll just add something here so that it can be referred to later, especially since it's pointed enough that it deserves a bit of attention.

I would suggest Numerical Ecology (your initial choice), especially since the authors have come out with a 3rd English edition in 2012. I also suggest this book since it comes with a companion book of sorts, Numerical Ecology with R (which also recently saw a new edition last year) and is kind of the 'practical' R version of Numerical Ecology (which would be the theory book, if you will).

Zuur. et al.'s 2007 book Analysing Ecological Data also covers CCA and PCA analyses. It covers a lot of detail of analysing ecological data (as the title implies), but it doesn't have examples in R.

Both books (Numerical Ecology and Analysing Ecological Data) are cited a lot, so they're good places to start.

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