I'm interested in hearing about what statistics problems other data teams are trying to tackle. For me, I have data on energy usage in the United States, and we are trying to figure out ways to forecast energy demand as well as figure out ways to balance heavy loads on the power grid. The statistical challenges are in short term and long term time series forecasting. Regime changes such as weekdays -> weekends further complicate the problem, as well as external factors like whether variables. Spatial correlation is also a nontrivial issue.

What type of data do you have, and what questions are you hoping to answer? What statistical challenges are there?

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I am working mostly with biological data, samples from humans and animals. Sometimes also cell cultures. It's in the -omics area so the ration of variables to observations is generally high (about 1:1, it's not genomics). So for visualization the usual techniques like PCA and PLS are very imporant.

There is also a large amount of standard linear modelling, where a problem is that we usually do not have the data to model the covariance structures and when we look at the response variables univariately we do not have the time to look at each model seperately, so we have to automate model selection and diagnostics as much as possible.

Finally, classification is also an imporant topic since diagnostic questions is often what brings customers to us.


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