I'm planning a study evaluating the effect (behavior, memory task) of two different drugs at multiple doses (+vehicle control). Ideally I'd like to compare the effects against the control and each comparative dose to each other (low dose of drug A to low dose of drug B). There are a few ways I can imagine this being completed and was hoping to get input on best way to go about.

1) The first way I imagine would be a fully crossed design. Where each animal would get each dose of each drug and the control and evaluated each time. This is potentially possible. But it is likely that it would be hard to get each animal through all this.

2) Run each drug separately. That is one group of animals per each drug. That way each animal has less trials to get through. This is easy enough to analyze by drug (e.g. RM ANOVA), however, how would you compare drug A to drug B. Would you use say a two way ANOVA and would nesting be an issue? Essentially I'd be comparing two, one-way repeated measures designs to each other if possible.

Lastly, as an extension what if each behavior was measured at several time points. So then you either have one massive design or I guess try to compare two, two-way repeated measures designs to each other.

Any advice or suggestions are most welcome. Thank you in advance.


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