I would like to build regression models for a number of different exposure variables and show the results using ggplot.Predict of the rms package. While creating regression models automatically works very well, Predict does not seem to like a variable as argument (mod is the ols model):

exp.var <- c("exp1", "exp2", "exp3")

for (exp in exp.var) {
   mod <- ols(formula(paste("endpoint ~ ", exp, sep="")), data=data)
   p.mod <- Predict(mod, exp)

This results in the error message:

Error in Predict(mod, exp) : 
  predictors(s) not in model: exp

When I use Predict(mod, exp1), it works without any problem.

Is it possible to either:

  • pass on a predictor name as variable to Predict
  • evaluate the variable in a way that Predict does not "see" the variable but only the predictor name (eval does not work)

Use Predict(mod, name=exp).

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