I have a dataset (find an example below) in which there are many factor variables (group_a, group_b, group_c, etc.; some factor variables fave missing values) and a numeric variable (value). I want to test if value differs significantly among levels of factor variables (value between levels of group_a, value between levels of group_b, etc.). After I did all the tests, should I correct p-values for multiple comparisons? What are the reasons for and what are against doing the corrections?

An example of dataset:

my_data <- read.table(text = "
   object group_a group_b group_c value
1       1       A       G       T  65.0
2       2       B       H       Y  13.8
3       3       B       G       Y  34.2
4       4       B       H       Y   9.0
5       5       A       G       Y  73.2
6       6       B       G       Y  58.8
7       7       A      NA       T  18.2
8       8       B       G       Y  10.1
9       9       B       H       Y   9.5
10     10       A      NA       Y  86.9")

(This is a simplified and extended version of the dataset used in this question).


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