This is a problem in the book of "introduction to stochastic process ". Any help to solve this problem ?? enter image description here

  • where to add a working hyperlink ? – leiki Aug 8 at 14:16
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If $P$ is the one-step transition matrix and $P_k$ is the k-step transition matrix then

$ P_k = P^k. $

You are looking to do the calculation for $k = 3$.

  • so I have to calculate P^3 and see state(0,1) or state (1,1) ? – leiki Aug 8 at 12:37
  • yes I know, it is not a homework, I'm learning by myself and it is out of my domain so sorry for this question because I will do my best to learn all this soon as possible. thank you stants. – leiki Aug 8 at 12:57

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