President Donald Trump Clemency Stats

I honestly just want to know the total amount of Presidential Pardon petitions received (for 2017 & 2018--ongoing). It only accounts for 16.5 months worth of pardons.

I don't know what the column names (P, and C mean)

Here's the LEGEND:

LEGEND:The statistics for petitions granted are taken from a count of clemency warrants maintained by the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Cases in which multiple forms of relief were granted are counted in only one category, unless multiple presidential warrants were signed to effecutate the President's decision for the same individual. Cases in which clemency was granted to a person who did not file an application with the Department of Justice, through the Office of the Pardon Attorney, are counted as “Petitions Granted” but have not been counted as “Petitions Pending” or “Petitions Received” since at least FY 1990. The figures for commutations exclude one reprieve granted in FY 2000 and one granted in FY 2001. Also excluded from this chart are individual members of a class of persons granted pardons by proclamation, such as President Carter’s proclamation granting clemency to certain Vietnam era offenders, and persons granted clemency after action by President Ford’s Presidential Clemency Board because those petitions were not processed through the Office of the Pardon Attorney. “Fiscal year” was originally defined as July 1 to June 30, but in 1976 became October 1 to September 30. "Petitions Pending" means pending at the beginning of the fiscal year, or in the case of a change of administration, the number of cases pending at the time of the new President’s inauguration; that number may not correspond with the number computed from case-processing figures reported for the previous year due to the fact that minor subsequent corrections in case closure for a previous fiscal year(s) have and will continue to be made.


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