I'm using someone else's job and I have a question that I cannot solve.

This work uses a DNN to match an electrical resistance to a bend angle. This is not very important, just for the context.

So, here is the methodology :

  1. Choosing features
  2. Filtering and segmentation of the signals
  3. Concatenation of the features
  4. Finding best architecture (# hidden layers and # neurons) for the DNN
  5. Learning

The following features are used :

  1. Discrete Cosine Transform II (DCT)
  2. Sum of the absolute value of the FFT components (Sum FFT)

enter image description here

  1. Power Spectral Entropy (PSE)
  2. Signal Vector Magnitude (SVM - do not confuse with support vector machine)

enter image description here

  1. Differential Signal Vector Magnitude (DSVM)

enter image description here

  1. Correlation coefficient (R)
  2. Root mean square (RMS)

In this work, the window size for segmentation is 24 samples (0.8 secondes at 30Hz). This gives us the following features size for the two signals (electrical resistance and angle): 24 x 2 (DCT), 1 x 2 (Sum FFT), 1 x 2 (PSE), 1 x 2 (SVM), 1 x 2 (DSVM), 1 x 3 (Correlation + 2 auto correlations), 1 x 2 (RMS). In total, the concatenated feature size is 61.

Then, the work I'm using concatenates the 61 size feature of 13 windows (called frames) : the centered window, 6 windows before and 6 windows after.

My question is : What's the point of concatenate the 61 size feature of 13 windows to create a 61 x 13 = 793 size feature ? I don't understand why we couldn't use only the 61 size feature of one window.



Maybe there was some preprocessing involved before the training of the DNN?

After computing the features, we usually regularise them (using normalization or standardization for instance). This will help the training process since all the inputs will have the same dimension.

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