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Simple Linear Regression Model

Let given observed sample set be $\{(x_1,y_1),(x_2,y_2), \cdots (x_N,y_N)\}$.$X,Y$ are random variables that can take on any value $(x_i,y_i)$ within range of sample set.

Population Regression Function, PRF

Given a population $(X,Y)$ we hypothesize underlying population has a regression line as follows. The conditional expectation is

$$\begin{aligned} & E(Y|x) = \beta_0 + \beta_1x & \text{PRF} \end{aligned}$$

The above equation is called Population Regression Function, PRF. Including the error $\varepsilon$, the prediction of dependent variable would be

$$\begin{aligned} & Y = E(Y|x) + \varepsilon & \text{Prediction} \end{aligned}$$

which is called simple linear regression model for population.

  • RVs: $X, Y|x, \varepsilon$

  • Parameters $\beta_0, \beta_1, \mu_X, \sigma_X^2, \ \ \mu_{Y|x}, \sigma_{Y|x}^2\ \ \sigma^2$

Sample Regression Function, SRF

Point Estimates from single SRF

Given a sample set $(X,Y)$, we estimate underlying population has a regression line as follows.

\begin{align} & \hat{Y} = \hat{\beta_0} + \hat{\beta_1}x & \text{SRF, Estimator of RV } E(Y|x), \text{ not } Y \\ & \hat{\varepsilon} = Y - \hat{Y} & \text{Estimator of RV } \varepsilon \end{align}

For given sample $(x_i, y_i)$ from sample set $(X,Y)$, a fitted value and residual are $$\begin{aligned} & \hat{y_i} = \hat{Y}(x_i)= b_0 + b_1x_i & \text{Fitted value, Estimate of RV } E(Y|x) \text{ at } x_i \\ & \hat{\varepsilon_i} = y_i - \hat{y_i} & \text{Residual, Estimate of RV } \varepsilon \text{ at } (x_i,y_i) \end{aligned}$$

Using OLS,

$$\begin{aligned} & \hat\beta_1 = \dfrac{\sum_{(x,y)}(y - \overline{Y})(x - \overline{X}) }{\sum_{x}(x - \overline{X})^2} & \text{Slope RV, Estimator of Parameter } \beta_1 \\ & \hat\beta_0 = \overline{Y} - \hat\beta_1\overline{X} & \text{y-intercept RV, Estimator of Parameter } \beta_0 \\ & b_1 = \dfrac{\sum_{i}(y_i - \overline{y})(x_i - \overline{x}) }{\sum_{i}(x_i - \overline{x})^2} & \text{Slope constant, Estimate of Parameter } \beta_1 \\ & b_0 = \overline{y} - b_1\overline{x} & \text{y-intercept constant, Estimate of Parameter } \beta_0 \end{aligned}$$

  • $\hat{\beta_0},\hat{\beta_1}$ are estimators of $\beta_0,\beta_1$ for any sample set. $b_0,b_1$ are estimates of $\beta_0,\beta_1$ for given sample set

  • Estimators: $\hat{\beta_0}, \hat{\beta_1}, \hat{X}, \hat{Y}, \hat{\varepsilon}$

  • Estimates: $b_0, b_1, \overline{x}, s_X^2, \overline{\hat{y}}=\overline{y}, s_{Y|x}^2=s^2$

The entire draft is available here


  1. Devore's book here
  2. Gujarati's Basic Econometrics here.

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Update 2: Specific split up questions (including first one just for entirety).
1. Doubt about Predictor Variable
2. Is residual an estimate of error
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4. Why SSE has (n-2)df - not duplicate

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