I have a group with about 200 observations,and each observation has 2 variables (which are the first two components of PLS, if it matters). It looks like this:

         score1     score2
H01     -0.153515   0.013216
H01     -0.149235   0.007089
H01     -0.152169   0.006924
H01     -0.160296   0.008324
H01     -0.158890   0.017218
H01     -0.160165   0.011170

Now I get a new observation, with 2 values (one for each variable), I would like to know what is the probability of that observations to belong to the group. I'm not sure if I use the adequate statistical terms.

I prefer the solution to be in python libraries if possible, but any direction for a solution would be appreciated.


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