I want to modeling a network with bayesian network. for finding the order i want to use learn_struct_mwst from nbt toolbox in matlab. can anybody help me to use this function?

The code that i write is as follows:

% All nodes are set to be discrete for i=1:NumbVar nodetype{1,i} = 'tabular'; end root = fix(randNumbVar)+1; xx=learn_struct_mwst(data,ones(NumbVar,1),nodetype,'bic',root); % dag = full(xx); order = topological_sort(dag); dag = learn_struct_K2(data,ones(NumbVar,1),order,'type',nodetype,'max_fan_in',MaxParent,'discrete',[],'scoring_fn',scoring_fn,'params',[]);

but the * line hase error:

Error using learn_struct_mwst (line 57) unrecognized scoring fn

  • $\begingroup$ Hi - Welcome to Cross-Validated. This is more of coding question, not a statistics or modeling question. You're probably have better luck posting it on stackoverflow.com $\endgroup$ – Reinstate Monica Dec 4 '18 at 19:31

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