I would like to calculate the variance of the AUC of readers (for each reader and averaged results) giving a score(1-5) to specific areas (1-5) of cases using two different modalities.

Test data:

df <-data.frame(
              case= rep(c("1","2","3","4","5"),each=5,2),
              score=sample(1:5,100, replace=TRUE),
              disease=rep(sample(0:1,25, replace=TRUE),4),

> df
    modality  reader case  area score disease
1          A reader1    1   a1     5       0
2          A reader1    1   a2     3       0
3          A reader1    1   a3     4       1
4          A reader1    1   a4     2       0
5          A reader1    1   a5     5       1
6          A reader1    2   a1     1       1
7          A reader1    2   a2     3       1

Suggested Method (from 1):

DBM refers to (2)

Davison and Hinkley refers to (3)

BWC refers to (4)

Manual from [1]

What I know

I found a solution how to do the first step (two-way bootstrap): Bootstrapping hierarchical/multilevel data (resampling clusters)

# dplyr

replicate(100, {
  cluster_sample <- data.frame(case= sample(df$case, replace = TRUE))
  dat_sample <- df %>% inner_join(cluster_sample, by = "case")

I know how to calculate the AUC for reader 1 and 2 and the average AUC

roc1 <- roc(df[which(df$reader=="reader1"&df$modality=="A"),]$disease, df[which(df$reader=="reader1"&df$modality=="A"),]$score)
roc1 <- roc(df[which(df$reader=="reader2"&df$modality=="A"),]$disease, df[which(df$reader=="reader2"&df$modality=="A"),]$score)
rocm <- multiclass.roc(df[which(df$modality=="A"),]$disease, df[which(df$modality=="A"),]$score)

What I cannot replicate

I do not know how to apply the second part of the method stated above to get the correct variances (yellow marked part)


  1. Gallas BD, Bandos A, Samuelson FW, Wagner RF. A Framework for Random-Effects ROC Analysis: Biases with the Bootstrap and Other Variance Estimators. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods. 2009 Jul 23;38(15):2586–603. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/03610920802610084

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    $\begingroup$ This problem is being solved with the help of Brandon D. Gallas and his R-package iMRMC, the implementation is discussed at github.com/DIDSR/iMRMC/issues/147 $\endgroup$ – captcoma Feb 3 '19 at 17:49

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