I have an issue creating an ordered list by preferences. Let's say I have 3 users (u1, u2, u3) and 10 topics (t1,...,t10). Each user will submit a list of topics ordered by preferences, for example :

u1 = [t3, t6, t9,...,t1]; u2 = [t7, t3, t8,...,t2]; u3 = [t1, t2, t7,...,t9].

Note that it's not mandatory for each user to submit a list containing all the 10 topics, for instance u2 may submit : u2 = [t5, t10] and doesn't care about other topics.

The final result I'm looking for should be a single list u which contains all the 10 topics ordered by preferences given u1, u2 and u3.

So, what is the best algorithm to handle that task (with a generalization of N topics and p users) ?


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