Using the car package, I drew two qqPlots of 144 p values from correlated tests on one dataset. The top plot uses a reference line drawn by "quartiles" and the bottom plot uses a line drawn by "robust" regression.

This is concerning as the two seem to be saying different things about my data. I am tempted to go with the robust regression because after correcting for multiple comparisons, I obtain 1/144 results < 0.05 after Bonferonni and 6/144 results < 0.05 after FDR, which seems more consistent with the second graph.

However, I also have some concerns about my study being underpowered and this paper (https://folk.uio.no/tores/Publications_files/Schweder_Spjotvoll_1982.pdf) suggests that the first plot could be an indicator of that. Which plot would be better in my case? I would be happy to provide additional detail if needed.

quartiles robust


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