I am trying to figure out an optimization technique to below:

enter image description here

For context, everything to the left of "New Upcoming Games" is historical data. In my actual dataset I have about 200-300 rows that will continue to increase. For new and upcoming games, I want to allocate my budget ($100) so that I will get the most sign-ups.

A few techniques have been thought of:

1) Create weights for each individual team by creating a regression equation to solve for sign-ups. Use those weights and multiply it to the budget.


2) Apply social network analysis between the two teams (Team1 and Team2) with the weights being Cost-Per-Sign-Up. From there, use a social network analysis metric to rank the teams individually. This is an early stage idea but I think it has potential.

3) Use a simplex table somehow to determine optimal spend.

At the very beginning stages of this and was hoping to have a discussion on some ideas on how to solve this.


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