I am using following formula to normalize number:

new = ((current - low) / (high - low)) * 100

But i need middle number to be the mode of the data. So in this case i will give you real example:

low range: 119.09
high range: 121.56
middle: 120.95

high-middle = 0.61
low-middle = 1.86

If I go with my initial formula, 50 is not equal to my middle range. There are two parts here. Values greater than 50 and lower than 50. Is there a way to make this work? I know it's a bit complicated but this is what i'm trying to do.


You could try something like this (in pseudocode)

if (current <= middle) 
    if (middle == low) 
        new == 50
        new = ((current - low) / (middle - low)) * 50 
    if (middle == high)
        new == 50
        new = 50  + ((current - middle) / (high - middle)) * 50 

which avoids division by zero when middle could be equal to low or high. If that cannot happen then you only really need the two long lines


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