I am working on a time series whose values are strictly positive. However, in some cases when the values are near zero, the forecast also takes negative values.

Is there a way to tell to the Python statsmodel package to stay positive?

Example of the code I am using now:

mod = sm.tsa.statespace.SARIMAX(y,
                                order = pdq,
                                seasonal_order = seasonal_pdq,
results = mod.fit()

The classical way to ensure that forecasts stay positive is to take logarithms of the original series, model these, forecast, and transform back. This is a specific case of the more general Box-Cox transform.

Be aware that you can't just backtransform by taking exponentials, since this will introduce a bias - the exponentiated forecasts will be too low. You need to adjust the backtransformation using the residual variance.

Alternatively, you can of course always truncate forecasts from below.


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