I was reading a book on reinforcement learning, and came across the following notation:

enter image description here

Possibly rather basic question, but I cant seem to google how to read this. Is it

A) Probability of (s' and r) GIVEN (s and a)

B) Probability of s' and (r GIVEN s) and a?

I really could not find any guide on how to read this triple notation online. Thank you for your time!


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It is A.

It is the probability that the state ($S_t$) and reward ($R_t$) at time $t$ are respectively equal to some $s'$ and $r$, given that the state ($S_{t-1}$) and the action taken from that state ($A_{t-1}$) at time $t-1$ are respectively equal to some $s$ and $a$.

In other words, this is a "joint" probability where you are conditioning on more than one variable.


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