Why I have very different loss values in training using these two lines code to define the loss function?

modellstm.compile(loss=K.categorical_crossentropy, optimizer=OPTIMIZER,metrics=["accuracy"])
Output : 
59s - loss: 12.8045 - acc: 0.2530 - val_loss: 12.7778 - val_acc: 0.2289

and with :

modellstm.compile(loss='categorical_crossentropy', optimizer=OPTIMIZER,metrics=["accuracy"])
59s - loss: 1.6156 - acc: 0.2042 - val_loss: 1.6016 - val_acc: 0.2241

everything else is the same .... using loss=K.categorical_crossentropy the values (loss) are so high!

What I am missing?

Thanks in advance


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