I am a little confused with regsubsets in R, and the different methods- AIC, Cp and Adjusted $R^2$ in general. Suppose our model has $p$ predictors. From the output one gets from the summary, it seems that regsubsets considers every combination of $k$ out of $p$ predictors, and then spits out the best choice of $k$ predictors that give the lowest RSS. It does this for $k$ that you can select going from $1$ to $p$ - say I do this for all $k$ from 1 to $p$. Now I have $p$ models based on RSS alone.

When you call the AIC, Cp or Adjusted $R^2$ plots for this run, it gives you the $k$ that corresponds to the best model out of the $p$ models, based on the criterion called.

My question is, suppose we take AIC as our criterion - why doesn't regsubsets run $\binom{p}{k}$ models for each $k$, selecting the best $k$ predictors based on AIC, then run over all $k$ from 1 to $p$, and evaluate the best k based on AIC again. In other words, why is the first half done using RSS and then latter half using AIC?


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