I tried to calculate the fractal dimension of a dataset using the box-counting method with R programming.

I used two packages:

The first one is fractaldim, specifically, the function fd.estim.boxcount.

The second one is Rdimtools, particularly the function est.boxcount.

The dataset utilized is

D<- read.table("http://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/machine-learning-databases/breast-cancer-wisconsin/wdbc.data",sep=",",stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

I only used the numeric variables without standardization.

After that, I got the following plots from the first and second package respectively

using fd.estim.boxcount

using est.boxcount

I am not really sure about how to interpret the results of using these two packages.

Any ideas or example are appreciated?


I can edit the question for more details if you want.

This is not homework, I am just trying to understand the idea of fractal dimension using the box-counting practically.


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