I have developed a Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm for a double sigmoidal model, but now the aim is to create a Bayesian Hierarchical model that depends on incoming temperature data. For example, the asymptote parameter will be written as:

$$\alpha_{0t} = \alpha_{0} + T*u_{t},$$ $$\alpha_{0} \sim N(90,10),$$ $$u_{t} \sim N(0, \sigma^2)$$

where T is the temperature data. The current sampler for this variable is as follows, with all the other relevant variables included in the loglikelihood functions:

a0n <- rnorm(1,a0,0.025)
logR <- loglik(x,y,a0n,adelt,b0,bdelt,g0,g1,tau)-
loglik(x,y,a0,adelt,b0,bdelt,g0,g1,tau) +
dnorm(a0n,mu.a0,sd.a0,log = T)-
dnorm(a0,mu.a0,sd.a0,log = T)

logcheck <- log(runif(1,0,1))

if(logR>logcheck) {a0 <- a0n}

What changes would I make so that the algorithm considers the hierarchical nature from the temperature information?


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