I'm conducting research for the first time (for my master thesis) and have some trouble. I have sent out a questionnaire to research mortality salience effects on purchase intention and price sensitivity for security enhancing and non-security enhancing products. The two factors would therefore be mortality salient: yes vs. no and security enhancing product: yes vs. no. For the questionnaire, each participant saw either the MS or control treatment and either an image of a security enhancing or non-security enhancing product.

The questions regarding purchase intentions (PI) and price sensitivity (PS) (4, respectively 5 items rated on a 7-point Likert Scale) were only asked for the (one) product shown. My hypotheses were that PI (or PS) for the security enhancing (compared to the non-security enhancing) product would be higher (lower) for participants in the MS condition than for those in the control condition.

I have created two dummy variables (coded 0 and 1) in SPSS to indicate which condition each participant was assigned to. These are also the variables I want to use as IV for a two-way ANOVA.

But I'm not sure how to compute the PI (and PS) variable. My first instinct was to just sum the Likert ratings for the four PI items to compute one new purchase intention variable but then I'm left with two dependent variables, summed PI for the security enhancing product and summed PI for the non-security enhancing product, when I only want one.

I am very confused about how to proceed to end up with one DV for purchase intention in order to properly conduct the two-way ANOVA. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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