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What are some valuable Statistical Analysis open source projects?

I understand the basics of statistical analysis, but I am not good at math. What is the best website or software package (preferably FOSS) that can analysize the data, find correlations, levels of confidence, etc. automagically/with a great UI?

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Your objectives seem rather vague, but I think the open-source R statistical package should fit your needs, and beyond. Although primarily a command line driven software, you will find several useful GUIs, e.g. Rcommander or deducer to help you start with.

The CRAN website contains everything you need to start with R, including a lot of official and contributed documentation.

R is made of several additional packages (a kind of extensions to the core statistical functions), and you will find interesting pointers on these related questions: What R packages do you find most useful in your daily work?, I just installed the latest version of R. What packages should I obtain?.


RapidMiner is a nice GUI based, workflow data mining tool. It's open source and runs on mac, linux, windows.

I think R and RapidMiner will end up as the predominant tools, with R being for people that like command-line style linux-like work, and RapidMiner for Windows and Mac types that prefer GUI based work.

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