Let $\{y_1...y_n\} \in \{0,1\}$, and let $c \in [0,1]$. Define the cross-entropy of loss of $c$ by:

$$C(c): = \sum_{j=1}^{n}- y_j ln c - (1- y_j) ln (1-c) $$.

Define $c*= arg min _{c} C(c)$

Is there an analytical expression of this $c*$, in terms of $\{y_1...y_n\}$? I'm asking this question motivated by other two loss functions: $L^1, L^2$ loss, i.e. quadratic and absolute losses for $c$, where the median and the mean of $\{y_1...y_n\}$ are the corresponding minimizers of $C(c)$.


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You're effectively interested in the Maximum Likelihood Estimate of a Bernoulli random variable with parameter $p=c$.

Taking the derivative in $c$ gives $-\sum_{j=1}^n y_j/c +(1-y_j)/(1-c) = 0.$

Define $Y_n:= \sum_{j=1}^n y_j$. Then




Taking a step back, this should be obvious, as the numerator counts the number of successes $(y_i=1)$ and the denominator counts the number of trials.


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