Assuming I have a linear regression model of the form:

Y = a + (b1*fact1) + (b2*fact2) + b3*(fact1*fact2) + b4*other_var

where, fact1, fact2 are categorical variables of 2 factors each, YES and NO and other_var is a continuous variable and in the regression model, b3 represents the coefficient when both fact1=fact2=YES

a) is the intercept a, the effect on response Y in the case where both fact1 and fact2 are 0?

b) is the effect on the response Y when fact1=fact2=YES, given by b1+b2+b3?

c) is the effect on the response Y when fact1=YES, fact2=NO, given just by b1?

Model structure as shown in the picture for easier reference: enter image description here


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  • $\begingroup$ the question is based on a regression output that I worked on for an assignment with a lot more variables; showing what I worked on/the output would mean taking a screenshot of the output. I'm just trying to understand if my inference is right, especially with regards to the intercept $\endgroup$ – red4life93 Mar 11 at 6:16
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You are absolutelly right, it is exactly as you posted it (assuming other_var is equal to 0, otherwise you will have to add $b_4 * othervar$)


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